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Designing is simple, elegant and worthy all at the same time because it’s not only about the look or feel of a website or an application but about how it all works.


Designing is simple, elegant and worthy all at the same time because it’s not only about the look or feel of a website or an application but about how it all works. People who love their brand do not compromise on the visual aesthetics as the design of their platform silently manages to become the effective ambassador of the brand. Sharing the page of common thoughts, we take the concept seriously.

At Hiteshi, we don’t believe in merely using tools and buttons to create stuff rather we create things with a thought, imagination and give it wings to fly high.


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UI/UX Design Services

A user-centered design is initiated by defining the ideas, objectives and goals. Refining and studying these concepts leads to the foundation of design, strategy, content, and information architecture. In order to accomplish the whole process with perfection, we have a team of expert UI/UX designers. At Hiteshi, we believe in delivering designs that have the ability to raise the bar of your imagination and leave you with delight.

UX Strategy

Whether it is a website or a mobile application, our expertise in User Experience design has developed the foundation of trust with our clients even better. Our idea is to achieve perfection in elements that lie beyond the wireframes or prototypes. You need your website to look good and perform great and our UX experts achieve the same objective with zeal and passion. Our UX strategy enables you to have a compelling online presence ensuring customer loyalty and improved brand value.

Product Conceptualization

To lay a road for creating exceptionally interactive prototypes, we enhance user experiences. We consider the main features and understand the relationship between a wide variety of components to create an engaging user experience. Once the concept of the final product, either mobile app or website, sticks in our minds, the next steps in the process flow smoothly. If it’s a Cross-platform app, responsive web app design or any other challenging idea, we’re all game for it by building a strong foundation from the base.


At Hiteshi, we make sure to visualize data structures and represent UI features from the scratch. Before going through the actual implementation of the idea that you have in your mind, we create it’s logical and pictorial structure for you i.e. the Wireframe. We think over your idea and create their logical screens with responsive buttons and other useful ingredients of the app or website. The designs keep on evolving with each prototype until we find the one which is correct for you.

Visual Experience & Branding

We create your visual brand along with the UI design of your mobile app or website. By going through the thoughts, ideas, views and needs of your end user, we identify the right identity for your upcoming brand. After absorbing the clear understanding, we draft a variety of concepts. Cutting down the list of options, we finalize the one which aligns with your brand idea and resonates with your users. Our UI/UX designers are experts in providing captivating designs which make your target audience keep coming back to you.

Design Consultancy

The way your website or mobile app appears, decides a huge percentage of it’s impact on its users. In the digitally equipped world of today, businesses compete online in the internet space and therefore, it becomes critically important for you to stand out. We counsel you on your ideas of creating a user-centered design in order to produce a connected, predictable, and desirable effect on your target audience thereby, giving you a unified identity for your brand.

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