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Converting internal and external data effectively into insights to drive competitive advantage is what we do with our big data solutions. We extract right value and inform our clients about their big decisions based on storing and migrating critical data thereby; improving customer analytics. Combining approach and data strategy with the correct choice of cloud and big data technologies, we strive to create critical difference in the competitive markets for our clients.

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Big data eventually results out meaningful information if applied in the right manner. Development of Big data enables organizations to leverage smart insights from information perceived as inconsistent or uneven thereby, leading to manage data that can be structured as well as unstructured. Our team focuses on all the important aspects like modeling data, development of algorithm, data quality and metadata management in order to analyze and create reports that prove beneficial for your business.

Operational analytics are responsible for bringing out those hidden elements in a business which can bring huge transformations. Our experienced support engineers and technical experts figure out newer ways to improve operations which lead to growing profits for different organizations. Services including major/minor improvements, production support as well as performance metrics across multiple-platform environments can provide seamless and efficient operations for your business growth.

Worried about combining big data sources to make efficient decisions about your business? Say no more. We, at Hiteshi, know how data from different social, sensors, location and video resources can be best utilized for your business. We assist you in managing and making decisions to manage your big data correctly. Our team of consultants and experts work with you to provide experience in latest technologies and implement cost-efficient solutions for you. All the strategic guidance you require is our priority and we aim to serve you make the best out of it.

Data utility and privacy are two most important concerns for an organization while dealing with Big Data. It is essential to anonymize and remove necessary identifiers before storing the data in order to ensure its security. Our portfolio of securing data in an efficient manner allows our clients to place their trust in our work. Hiteshi’s big data solutions empower firms to maximize benefits of big data. We offer comprehensive coverage of sensitive data across distinct sources, infrastructure and analytics.

Escalating businesses have resulted in rapidly growing data along with technology. Interpretation of useful data offers a push in the direction of making better business decisions. At Hiteshi, we transform business strategy into reality by visualizing the focussed elements of your business according to hidden insights in the data. Our practices developed from years of experience in this domain justify our work. We transform complex data processes into understandable and actionable data visualization aids resulting in your success.

Big data is a result of collection of data from all different sources of an organization. As much as this revolutionizing concept in the IT industry depends on its application attainability, it is hugely dependent on the right infrastructure too. From the tiniest bit of element to the largest one, each of them contribute to the performance of the system, if set into an equitable infrastructure. We aim to give out performance-oriented results that can help our users to utilize the power of Big Data solutions with suitable setup and infrastructure.


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