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If the words curious and dynamic describe you the best and you feel the need to find out of the box solutions for everyday problems, here is where you need to be. Hiteshi provides a promising environment for fresher’s as well as experienced professionals looking to expand their horizon in the IT industry and beyond. Not only are we equipped to deliver a healthy platform to tickle your creative bones, we offer a challenging atmosphere to constantly inspire the best work out of you.

It goes without saying that Hiteshi is one of the best companies to work for in Indore, given its growth and clientele but more than that; having a job with us means a place in the family.

Life at Hiteshi

To quote some of our oldest members, they end up spending more time in office than at their homes and they have no problem with it. Instead, they look forward to it. The work is stimulating and exciting while the open door policy keeps the ambience pleasant and approachable. Hiteshi offers opportunity for immense personal growth without the sacrifice of an amusing social life.

To belong here is to belong everywhere, we enjoy diversity and..

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culture and diversity

The philosophy that goes behind having an open door policy is simplicity. Hierarchy is respected but no bounds are placed on being forthcoming and facilitating. It is like a closely knit family where elders are valued and the young ones are loved and disparities are cherished and celebrated.

Culture @ Hiteshi

Hiteshi Team

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Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition - Hiteshi

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How We hire

The process is about ensuring that you fit the technical requirement and share the same values as us, in short to see if our synergies match. It is not about rigid formalities and tedious procedures but modest analysis to welcome a new family member. Moreover, what can become of you in future is more important to us than what is.

Employee Benefits At Hiteshi

Our Benefits

It is like a big joint family, where the seniors bring in their experience and the youngsters their zeal. There is a hierarchy, but there is also familiarity among the members. Hiteshi gives you a chance to climb the ladder of success without the chaos of the corporate culture. Instead; there are good people, appraisals, rewards, celebrations, good food and ample of learning opportunities.