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A step towards healthier life

24@life is a comprehensive solution to lead an active, healthy and stress-free life. It lets the users keep track of their activities (with or without GPS data). Users can manually enter performed activities and can also take part in a physical performance tests available (Cooper, Rockport, and Step tests).

Moreover, user activities easily get stored in the history section based on which recommendations are provided. The app also interacts with various external devices like GPS ForeRunner, Edge 500 - GPS Radcomputer, Wi-Fi Body Scale, Blood Pressure Monitor etc.

  • technology
  • Objective-C
  • SQLite
  • JSON
  • highlights
  • iPhone, iPad, Android and Web
  • Track sports activities
  • Track eating habits
  • Monitor weight, heart rate, blood pressure & body fat
  • Test physical capacity with short & easy tests (Cooper test, Rockport test, Step test)
  • Compare performance results
  • Descriptions and videos of sports exercises
  • Compatible with Polar Bluetooth Wearlink