frequently asked questions

About Hiteshi

What does Hiteshi do?

Hiteshi is an offshore outsourcing company specializing in design & development of customized mobile and web applications.

What all technologies do you support?

We have skilled programmers on a wide spectrum of technologies. Some prominent ones are –

  • Core PhP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Magento, Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart, Shopify
  • HTML/HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Javascript/jQuery, Node.js, AngularJS, DOJO, ArcGIS, reactJS
  • ASP.NET, C#
  • React Native
  • Android (Android Studio/Eclipse)
  • iOS (Native), Swift
  • USB Serial Communication, Bluetooth & BLE, NFC
  • Firebase, BaasBox, PostgreSQL, ArangoDB, Fox
  • Sencha/Sencha Touch, Xamarin

How long you have been in this business?

More than 11 years. We got established in 2006.

What kind of solutions you have developed so far?

We have created mobile and web applications for different industry domains specific to their business requirements like Healthcare & Fitness solutions, Kitchen Appliances Control, Business Automation, Exam Management Solutions, Educational Apps, Security Solutions, Appointment Systems and many more. You can have a look at our portfolio for more insight.

Do you provide onsite deployment of resources?

Yes we do. We have successfully deployed applications in European countries. Gulf Region and East Asia.

Do you have offices outside India?

We have two office within India at Indore location only. We are gradually planning to set up more centres in different parts of the world. We already have some marketing partners in regions like USA, Europe associated with us since couple of years.

The Team

What is your team size?

We are a team of 100+ members. The technical team is well organized into different functional roles of Business Analysts, Designers, Developers, QA Engineers, Project Managers taking responsibility of complete project from Requirement Gathering to Deployment.

What is average years of experience of your programmers?

Experience of programmers in our team starts from a minimum of 3 years. And we also have very expert Solution Architects, Technical Project Managers with a work experience of 20 years. On an average, it could be considered as 6+ yrs across the team.

Processes & Tools

What kind of project collaboration tools you use?

We use Wrike & JIRA as collaboration tools mostly. However, based on client preference, we can use alternate tools for specific projects.
For testing & bug tracking, Redmine is used.

What is your development process?

We follow Agile methodology for execution of projects.

  • A project plan with multiple Sprints is formulated at the onset of project, which is also shared with the client. We conduct Scrum meetings to track everyday progress, identify risks and ensure that the deliverables are on track with the initial project plan
  • The first step to execution of any project is a Functional Specification Document consisting of wireframes and details of every single workflow, field definitions, use cases for all functionalities required.
  • Once this is signed off, designing phase begins where we propose initially 2-3 theme variations. Based on client feedback, the theme is improvised. The chosen theme is then used for designing all remaining screens of the project. Thus the final product can be easily visualized in this very first stage.
  • Followed by this, the actual development begins divided into milestones. At end of each milestone, testing is conducted and only then it is shared for review with client.
  • The cycle continues till the end, when the regression and final acceptance testing takes place.
  • Only after an approval from in-house QA team as well as client, deployment is made.

When do I get to see my product?

We believe in engaging customer throughout the development. So, you can very well review the progress, validate it is moving inline to your expectations and also incorporate ideas as they come. Application is shared for your review at end of each project milestone and you can have your hands-on the app/website while the development team works on parts of the project.

How do you manage remotely?

We are operating as an offshore unit since more than 10 years now. Our robust processes, advanced collaboration tools and experienced Project Managers overcome any physical distance between us and the client. We guarantee response to any of your email within 2 business hours.

How many days does your team work per week?

We operate 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM IST.
Team will be available for pre-planned meetings/video conferences as per your time zone or suitability as well.
Our Communication Modes are –

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Skype Calls
  • Video Conferences

What is a general turn around time?

Well, that totally depends on your requirements. We have executed projects with a time span of 1 month to 3-4 years. Once we have an idea of what you want to implement, we can provide you with an estimate of time and cost.

Does Hiteshi support in publishing the application on the app stores and their approval process?

Yes, we can help you in creating accounts for posting the app at different portals – iTunes and Google App Store. Also, we take responsibility to get your apps approved at the store.
In case any violations are found during app review process, team shall work to fix those on priority.

What about Hosting?

We can assist you with hosting server options as per project needs or your personal preferences. We will also advise you with the recommendations to make decision making easy for you.

Work Models

What are your work models?

We work on three different work models –

  • Fixed Price Model
    This is suitable for projects where we have a limited project scope very well documented. Thus, this document can be used as reference for estimating total time and cost of the project.
  • Hourly Model
    When the project scope is evolutionary or requirements are not very clearly defined, we prefer to give a range of estimated work hours required on the project. The cost of the project in such case is decided by the actual number of hours consumed on the project.
  • Dedicated Team Model
    This model is widely used for all cases where project size is huge, scope is evolutionary and an intensive technical collaboration is required. The cost is evaluated on monthly basis based on number of resources engaged on the project and the duration. This is the most cost effective work model.

How can I trust that you are technically competent?

We believe Action is more powerful than Words. We are open to a test assignment of 20 hours during which a resource can be available for your judgement and execute a task for you. Besides, you can also have a look at our portfolio to understand the kind of technically challenging projects we have done.

What if during the development, I do not feel satisfied with the resource or work?

We expect clear and timely feedback in such cases. You can tell us if you have concern with technical competency, communication mode, response time or what specific case. Based on that, we assure a guaranteed action within three (3) business days to resolve the issue.

Yet, if the taken action is not satisfactory, you will be provided with additional contacts of Account Manager and Director where you can escalate your problem.

For us, your satisfaction and success matters the most. We value the fact that you are doing business with us and hence will make all efforts to keep you satisfied.

Do you design Proof Of Concepts (POC) ?

Yes, absolutely. We will never force you to invest money in something that you have not seen or believed yet. This is why we have a POC design process.

During this POC phase, we create for you a very well defined Functional Specification Document and wire-frames for every single screen of your project. This way you can see the final product much before the actual development.

How can I keep the project under budget and ensure I am not overcharged?

For fixed price models, you will be provided with a fixed cost in the beginning itself. Only if there are new changes, additional cost will be applicable. But those changes are executed only after an explicit cost approval from your end.

For hourly and dedicated models too, a project plan and an estimated cost is shared in the beginning of the project. Regular progress updates are shared to track the development against initially estimated time line. Hence, if there are any impacts on time or cost, you get a clear information.

What are your payment conditions?

That totally depends on chosen work model and associated pricing. We do expect a % advance at the beginning of any project.


Is my Idea safe with you?

Absolutely. Your idea is completely safe with us. We believe mutual trust is most important. However, we are also open to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement before discussing the actual requirements.
Also, during the project execution, the details are shared only with the respective Project Manager and team engaged. The project documentation, designs, codes are only accessible to authorized people.

What about Source Code & IP?

For dedicated team and hourly models, you have full access to the source codes & IP. In case of fixed price model also, we have this option which is openly discussed at time of proposal discussion stage.


Why should you go forward with Hiteshi?

Because we stand by our Commitments.
Our commitment towards quality ensuring every thing delivered to you is analyzed, validated, rigorously tested for its functionality and user experiences

Our commitment towards time. We understand your clients are important and hence, your deadlines become our deadlines. We go an extra mile to meet those for you.

Our commitment towards establishing mutual benefits ensuring you get more than what you invest for us.