The iPhone users have always appreciated its mobile abilities such as free iCloud services and sharing of music, photos, contacts with another Apple device. But there is a privacy concern, which has the ability to access a person’s phone activity anytime and anywhere through a UDID code. Every Apple device is assigned with an unique code. A Unique Device Identifier (UDID) is an alphanumeric code, 40 digit and alphabets long.

There are two ways to get your iPhone’s UDID number :


Plug your iPhone into your Mac, and go to iTunes (or start it up if it isn’t already open)

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Select the iPhone’s icon at the top-right corner of the window, underneath the search box. (If you’ve got more than one iOS device plugged in, this button will say ‘2 devices’ instead – press it and then select the ‘Phone.)

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You can now see the iPhone’s summary page. (If it’s showing apps, podcasts or whatever, select Summary from the top bar of tabs.) You can see the iPhone’s capacity, phone number and serial number in the top box; click on the serial number and this will change into the UDID.

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Once the serial number is changed into the UDID, press Apple + C at the same time to copy the UDID to the clipboard. Or simply, right-click it and select Copy


For any future reference one can paste the UDID in a blank Document by pressing Apple + V.